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mister glasses April 1, 2009

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The death of modernism has finally made the big screen! Well, sort of.

I’m especially amused by the note: “this is a video response to Philip Johnson on Charlie Rose”.



We are the wolves of the sea June 11, 2008

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Let’s get straight to the point: EUROVISION 2008.

It’s that kind of show you want to watch but don’t really want to admit to having seen. Or you’ll play the 90s “ironic” card and maintain the purity of your coolness by claiming you watched it under a veil of sardonic humor.
And you know who’ll help you with that? BBC commentator Terry Wogan. Here are a few highlights of his “commentating”*:

Referring to Swedish commentator Björn Gustafsson:
“You look like a million dollars, Björn.”

Just when the Latvian pirates (literally) are about to take the stage:
“Now’s the time to practice your Johnny Depp impersonations.”

About the Polish singer:
“You haven’t seen teeth like these since the Osmonds.”

(Allow me a bit of a side rant concerning Denmark’s entry. How many times will people still be allowed to call a song some variation of “dancing all night long”? We get it. You can stay up late.)

But putting aside the pirates, the angels and the dancing Danes, there were nevertheless a few (two) highlights:
– The 75-year-old Croatian man called 75 Cent: priceless.
– The French entry: brilliant but I’ll get back to that later.

As for Sir Terry, he was not happy the UK ended up last tied with Germany and Poland. In fact, the unfortunate consequence of the UK’s terrible night was an angry outcry from Sir Wogan himself against bloc voting, expatriate minority voting and even racism – obviously the only possible explanations for the UK not winning.
Though there may be some truth to these statements, the attitude is besides the point really: one either goes down the path of dry wit or embraces the trashiness and vows for the top spot, the Nobel of tacky. You can’t have both (and I say go for the first).

And that’s where France shined. They had a man riding in on a golf cart holding a balloon, a trippy song and bearded female vocalists singing something about the milky way. They maintained their dignity and pride by not bothering to be above or below the competition, but completely beside it. How’s THAT for ironic?

*I send a public invitation for more Terry Wogan quotes that I may add to my collection. Any help is welcome.

True journalism March 15, 2008

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That’s dedication right there…

The weightwatcher’s guide to Islington February 29, 2008

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Some guy decides to ski down the Angel tube escalator, dramatic music and all…

Motivated by Captain Kirk May 18, 2007

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First off, thanks to Cat who first introduced me to the Star Trek motivational posters…

A strange obsession seems to have gripped the cyber-community for motivational posters, de-motivational posters and unrelated posters using the same exciting colour scheme. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and nominate my two favourites:

Captain Kirk


But it gets better! It appears that you can now create your own motivational poster here! I’ve decided to give it a shot and behold… my very own inspirational poster, starring Eugene Hutz, frontman for Gogol Bordello.

Inspirational Gogol

Nike Goalie – “Taxi Driver” May 2, 2007

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Are you Swedish? That’s good because I’m not picking up Swedish people, they remind me of Mats Sundin!

Nike Goalie – “Landscaper” May 2, 2007

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Die Maple Leafs, die! I’m going to kill you!!!