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Sea Organ April 22, 2007

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The Sea Organ (Morske orgulje), designed by architect Nikola Basic, was built in Zadar, Croatia in 2005. The musical installation is built into a set of marble steps leading down to the sea. Series of undergroung organ pipes produce the sounds that emanate from openings in the top steps. These seven groups of pipes are alternately tuned to two chords of the diatonic major scale. For more information on how it works, check out this report.

Sea Organ

Sea Organ

The result sounds like a cross between dolphin echoes and Philip Glass. Nevertheless, this looks like a very succesful seafront development. The project deals with an ever-increasing touristic area (especially after the city’s decision to accept cruise ships at the outermost pier) without turning it into a consumption-driven welcome dock for tourist. In essence, it satisfies the tourists as well as the locals. The steps are just the right height for a comfortable seat and the project itself is only a short walk away from the city, making it a reasonable option for an afternoon stroll. Good public space is hard to achieve but Basic seems to have figured it out.

On that note, Alfred Hitchcock is said to have stated that the most beautiful sunset in the world can be seen from this precise spot in Zadar. Think it’s worth validating?

Somewhat unrelated: check out this amazing shot taken in Zadar.


Montreal Sketches April 21, 2007

Posted by mmonla in Architecture.

Claddagh Irish Pub

Claddagh Irish Pub

Stair in the Leacock building, McGill.

Stairs in the Leacock Building, Mcgill.

Stair detail at Redpath Museum.

Stair detail in the Redpath Museum, McGill.